The Out-of-Towners

I seriously get to meet the best people.  And most of the time, I have no idea why.  Now, I’m not TOTALLY clueless.  But I am also not a super savvy web promoter. So when I get inquiries from strangers, with no word-of-mouth connection to me, I find it really interesting and mysterious.  (ohhh… you found me on the internet? That Google is so cool…) And so far, Google has sent me 100% awesome clients.

These folks are in that group.  They were in town for a family vacation in Scottsdale and wanted to get some extended family photos before a portion of the family moved overseas. Done!  And fun!

I took so many interesting photos of the family in the different beautiful places in Arizona. All of which are going to be a bomb to their friends and their loved ones when they get back to their hometown. I was happy to show them around and highlight all the marvelous places they should see, in the process taking some sort of touristy photos as well that would promote this city as well.