My Personal Project

Hello, everyone!

To tell you, I’m really flattered with the support I’m getting from the community. I’ve been getting so many photography bookings since I’ve started and this field and to that, I am so much humbled. I’ve also met so many people that helped me keep my inspiration every day. It is not often that I get to brush elbows with other professional photographers like me, but when I do, offers for assistance were never lacking.

In fact, I just got finished with my last project where I managed to work with wildlife photographer William Neelah. Although our style varied so much as oranges and apples, the result of the exhibit we launched last month was a success. Everything we worked hard for was returned tonus generously in the form of unexpected profit for the both of us, some of which we even donated to each of our foundations.My partner even managed to bag an award for one of his work entitled ‘Innocence,’ in a prestigious photography contest in Europe, and no person could be prouder than me.

Now, I am launching another project which aims to document the life of a household before and after moving in. I want to capture the struggle, the hardship, the stress of the process and how it culminates in satisfaction and fulfillment after a successful move.

Why this? Simple. Because it features a new beginning not only for one individual but for the whole family. I love seeing life as it unfolds before me, but what is more fulfilling is being able to catch the raw emotions that were present at the time. This is the struggle among photographers and always the challenge. Real emotions are fleeting. With just a blink of the eye, it is gone. What may replace it may not have the same intensity nor the same ‘realness’ in them. The challenge is to catch them unstaged in the frame of your shots. This is exactly what I want to achieve.

I will document through images the process from that time when you start questioning yourself how to find motivated sellers, up to the actual closing of deals, and the real-time moving. How would I do this? I’m still planning but the wheels are already set in motion and I’m already one step closer to starting the project. This will be a personal project for me and for the subjected families as well.

As early as now, I would like to thank you guys for supporting me throughout the process. Looking for the subject is hard enough because it takes a certain vibe for me to know if I find something perfect already for my plans, or I still need to up my game in looking for them.

I’ll be showcasing these at an exhibit I will have with another photographer Niel Graham in October. Actual date and venue still be announced as we are yet to finalize our entries. But like always, I expect to see you guys there!