I’m very pleased to know that you are showing a great interest in my work. It is my life’s pleasure to help people put into frame their once in a lifetime moments. I know at some point in our lives, we want something to look forward to, and it makes me fulfilled to be a tool for that to happen.

Having any weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and engagement debut soon? Do you simply want to have a family picture taken, or your solo portrait? How about maternity photoshoots or putting into frame that moment when your husband holds your tiny little kid in his arms? No matter what, I can be your photographer to make that happen!

I can even do a spread for the products for your store. How about making the best advertisement photos for that house you are selling? I can assure you, I can make any business more appealing by showcasing the work with high quality images. Are you in the business of selling lawn care equipment in Albuquerque or selling baby clothes in Nashville? I can make those look amazing. Even if you are trying to advertise Las Vegas garage door repair, I can help you out.

I don’t really want to go through the lengthy, and wordy process of promoting my page and myself, but you be the judge. I included here a portfolio for you to check out as you go over my page. These is the product of hard work together with partnering with such amazing individuals, some of which have known me through friends, while others found me simply by asking google’s help [yeah, google is such a powerful tool, and I’m glad it’s promoting me at some point]. I even met some of my clients during my trips, and exploration of different places. Amazing what a trip to the zoo or park could do!

The process even of partnering with these people is amazing! But the results? They are simply not of this world! Look yourself. The finished product tells it all. It’s like telling a story using the art that could be made through your lenses – still pictures with isolated dynamic emotions. You’ll not doubt be able to relive through those emotions again whenever you take the time to glance at those photos.

If that’s not enough, I only choose personal projects. Nothing big really, and nothing mainstream. This is simply not a job for me but a career. So you could expect your photos to not simply be hollow, advertising materials, it is personal, and intimate with a mirror of your souls.

I believe that photographers, like everyone else have their signature style when it comes to their work. Some drift continuously toward the mainstream to accommodate the public demand. This is how I differ from the usual. I only choose projects that matter – projects that are life changing and will make a difference to individuals, or a group.

If you think I am what you are looking for, then send me an email today at contact@heatherbennettphotography.com. I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!

XO H <3