Who doesn’t want to have a large display picture in their humble abode? Okay, I admit, there are some. But one thing that had already been a practice since time immemorial is a person to have his self-portrait displayed in his own home. This usually gives a personal touch, and imposes ownership and power. While others also choose to have a picture of the whole family, self-portraits are still the bomb.

No matter what type of picture you choose, I can assure you that I have the skills to make it happen for you. You can even choose the theme you want to incorporate, whether just for you, for the whole family, or both. It’s positive that the finish product would give you lasting memories to cherish and to love.


Wedding Photos
As a rule, I don’t shoot weddings. However, when one comes along that suit me, I just love the opportunity to participate in and capture such a special event.  It’s exciting! Who’d not want to capture behind the lenses that sincere I do’s, that raw love and happiness behind those smiles as a couple share that momentous moment which would probably just happen once in their lives. This gives fulfilment to any and every passionate photographer. And I am no different.

To say that it would be a pleasure to be a part of this occasion is an understatement. Talk to me about your theme. Let’s discuss about what you want to achieve. Contact me and let’s make your dream happen.


Maternity Shoots
One of the fast becoming trend today is the maternity photo shoot. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of it already, and considering me as a potential photographer. And you’ve come at the right place because as a mother like you, I feel the need to look my best during my pregnant days. Who’s better to pull the best look for motherhood, than a mother herself?

Let’s put creative in a new light as we capture the motherhood glow in you. I’m looking forward to working with you!