About Me

Hi There! If you want to know a little about me, I can tell you that:

  • I Am an Arizona native.
  • I married my high school sweetheart, Scott.
  • We have two wonderful spunky little girls. You will find them all over this blog.
  • I’m a sun devil with a degree in broadcasting. I also have a master’s in elementary education [Not using either]. This business is a passion that stes from my varied educational background.
  • I’ve got a pretty laid-back approach to photo sessions. However, on the inside I’m SUPER EXCITED on what’s being captured.
  • I really like to eat great food.
  • I enjoy spending my free time running, swimming, biking.
  • I will do almost anything to avoid laundry.
  • I love getting to know people.
  • I definitely look forward to meeting you.

<3 Heather

PS: I know it’s a little bit early still, but I love to give you a your around my studio so you could relieve every single moment I captured behind my lenses. You may not always find me talkative, but I’d rather tell my story via all the pictures I take every single time. For me, those mean more. This is because they incorporate a lot of feelings and emotion from the photographer.

PSS: I’d also love to work with you. Whether it is for a single photo shoot for a portfolio, or the whole shenanigan on any event you want a lifetime memory off, I promise you, I never, ever disappoint! I’m always on top of my game, and I see to it that I only give it my best shot [literally and figuratively]. Just go look around on every shot I have here in my portfolio and you be the judge on how much passion I include into every single masterpiece I take.